Saturday, 28 May 2011

Legend (1985)

So I'm making a sort of a jump to the future, because I need something more fresh and easy to watch.
What I got is Ridley Scott's fairy tale about princesses, fairies and goblins. Yeah... I know how it sounds, but no, there are no dragons with light sabers fighting in another dimension involved. And just to tell the truth , Legend has every thing needed for a fairy tale, creatures, locations,the lighting, magic items and magic itself. Just for the magic, that's kinda funny what they did in 1985, it looks sorta good, but so cheap by todays standards, and not enough of fireballs and cthulhu.
 What some of you might notice, is that this looks like Zelda. I haven't played it myself, but surely everyone knows that dude with the little light thingy by his side. Same thing right here, Tom Cruise dressed in green with long hair, jumping up and down and I'm all like "is this a tribute to Zelda, or is this the other way around ?" Just in case you're wondering, the funny fact is that Zelda was first released in 1986. Thats right , precisely 26 years before 2012, coincidence ? You tell me.
 Also, I thing that Legend (of Zelda ?) should have been made longer that this, because there is so much to say in just 94 minutes that everything just happens so fast. Stuff happens non-stop, not even a second to build tension or just to chill the quest down. Because of that you might be wondering what the "forest" is going on and just end up with messed up inside.
 OK, there's one for those who saw this: witch would you chose - princess or the fairy ?
hot fairy
acceptable princess
and hell for all... can't find good quality pictures of this movie... god really hates me.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Nosferatu (1922)

Lets start this thing with some celebration here : this blog has just struck 100 followers and that is great. I didn't think I could get so many, now for the next hundred 
So for this great occasion I bring you a real treat. A movie from 1922 , the great Nosferatu, the one and only, true horror movie. I decided to write about Nosferatu for my 100 followers because it's one of my oldest movies and because everyone loves vampires. And this guy for sure is the greatest vampire ever to be seen. Thou not so good looking, that's where Gary Oldman wins for sure. Now back to this movie, as you might notice , this is somewhat old. Yes it is silent, yes they act like in a theater and yes there are no colors and all that mambo jumbo, but for some reason, it give you the creeps. The way the tension is built, the way everything is shown, that even thou nothing scary seems to happen , my heart was pounding like a drummer from AC/DC. Just to let you know, I'm not a big horror fan, because they do not scare me, but this one... it just has something in it.I do recommend watching it alone, for the company is sure to ruin the whole mood. 
 You might have seen never versions of this, from same book by Bram Stoker , and that is even more interesting  You watch this and compare with new ones, see what is missing, and I can say that there are so many changes as there are years separating etch version. To end this, there is one thing that i got disappointed by. It's the scene where they slay Nosferatu, and it was not as epic as it could have been.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

So just to continue with the old movie theme here I had to work my posterior of to the bone, but now I have all those movies I want to show you and we're going to start with this thing from Nicholas Ray .
 New kid in town, needs to find friends and stuff, find some criminals, gets into trouble, falls in love , and all that you could find in the Bible. So the plot is not something that would fold your socks and put them in the drawer of excitement, but there are some point that do shock you and makes you wonder why in the name of Abraham Lincoln did the director do that ? Surely you could have made it through without doing that . But hey, that makes it even more fun. Also criminals, or what ever would you call these kids ,look so funny trying to act "cool" and all. I mean, sure, it's 1955, but those gangsters are just a little on the "mama , help me be a bully " side. And there are even more things that are to fake, but that's ok.
 There is a thing that I really like while watching this. It's the way they show parent and child relationship. Yes it might be outdated and all that, but there is something to analyze there . Few examples of bad parenting getting better in the end, some people could learn from that if they would pay attention. Actually , hate to spoil the fun in figuring it out yourself , but the main thing here is the family, and you should see that in the oh so sad ending . Yeah, sure, it is some what sad in the end, but not as sad as the scene where Ash gets turned into a stone in pokemon movie, now that's sad.
 Just to sum everything up, kids don't call each other "chicken", call crackface of adopted-freak-of-nature .

Friday, 13 May 2011

Rear Window (1954)

As for tonight we have a great thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. So just from that, it makes it a good movie, worth your time. For those who never heard of it, the plot is somewhat simple: a photographer, bound to the wheelchair takes time to watch his neighbors, and once he sees something that he claims to be a murder, and that is what he tries to prove. Heard that ? Seen something like that on Simpsons ? yeah...
 So lets just start with minor fun things here. The point of view is always the room where the photographer looks through, so when others are shown, you can't hear what they say. You know what that makes ? No, not bunnies. That makes silent-mini movies. And those people in there are so colorful, each has it's own story, has it's own stereotype.. sort of...
 As for the main story, it really puls you in and makes you think. You don't know a lot there, so you start making your own guess what could have happened , what is right and what is wrong. You start playing a detective , just as the main character, and as a side note, that is really good. Also it messes with you. First you should be certain that it did happen, then you know for sure that it didn't, than you have no clue where you live anymore. That mind play rocks. Maybe that's what helps building the tension. That great and miraculous thing that this movies is socked in. I mean, there are some points where you could kill someone from the amount of tension.
 This is classic , you should see it, just because you should.

no pictures this time because of penienie.

Monday, 9 May 2011

8½ (1963)

Before I begin, I will mention that from now one few movies are going to be old ones. from 1930 to somewhat 1970, so don't get scared. Look them up, maybe you'll like them too.
Actually I wrote the first sentence just because I have no idea how to start with this one. This is Federico Fellini film about a director who is stuck with a movie, that he can't even start. Actually, this is very confusing. The beginning is extremely confusing, as you can't understand what's going on, who's is who, and what is what. As you go along with the story and feel like you know what is going on, some strange scenes from the past or his fantasies appear that mixes everything up even worse. Sure you get it in the end, but for the most of the time you feel Fellini having a grand intercourse with your brain. Sure feels good thou. And surely lets not forget this is an old film, so there are some point there as well. For example, emotions seem really theatrical and fake. Don't know if that was intentional or just the way they rolled back then, but that really messes with my brain.
There is one more thing I have to mention. This is Italian. So it just happens that I don't speak Italian, and I had to read and let me tell you this. They talk a lot. Sometimes it looks like they won't shut up, they just keep blabbering about some random stuff, and I have to read all that, and that make me want to much some marshmallows. It looks like the whole film consist on three things: text, symbols and weirdness. I hope that everyone involved in this "art" was high on drugs.

now go rape your brains.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Baraka (1992)

Firs of all this is a very great movie, but there is a problem. I don't know what to say about it. I really don't. I have been thinking what to write here for few days now, and I've got nothing worth reading. So no matter how badly I'll explain this master piece , this is still good , and I recommend you to see it.
Now for the movie. It is a documentary, and I know that you think "boring" every time you hear documentary, but trust me on this one, it is amazing . There is no voice that would start bugging after five minutes. This is not about some bugs or "how do cats take a crap" stuff. No this is... well... it's about everything. Probably.
 It is actually hard for me to compare this movie to anything else, i haven't seen documentaries that wouldn't be horrible and boring as watching hair grow on your arm, so to me this just looks like something that is out of this world.Could be used to show to aliens , so they would know what we are. The shots are all beautiful, the lighting falls perfect and everything there looks so good. A big part here plays the soundtrack. It is so smooth and relaxing, that after few minutes you might start loving every living thing on the planet, except for French, you can still hate those.
There is a down side. As this is a documentary, it is also a sleeping pill. Every picture , every note, every feel you get from this thing will make you want to sleep. I myself, who never falls asleep during a movie, blacked out right at the moment the thing ended. I went down to a intergenerational discusion with myself, god and cod on is there a reason on living without living, or are we all just mare parts of one great continuousness. For short ,  I was dreaming big time. And so will you. So grab a pillow, a blanket , blue balloon  and prepare for a great movie. This is surely something to see in your life.