Thursday, 22 September 2011

Schindler's List (1993)

There's something to help you remember why you were given a heart. To pump blood surely. Aside from that Schindler's List is a touching film. I mean I thought I was strong willed, I was watching  babies getting sliced everyday before breakfast and was ok with that, but this... It just hit some codes in my operating block and something like emotion broke through . But enough about me, lets talk about my opinion.
 It is soooo long. And maybe that is what made emotions possible, because when given more time, the director can make you fond of "good guys" and easily toy with the viewer like some twisted puppet master, making everyone dance to his little flute. That.... And music with everyones favorite true story card. It's like they think that if you do not write "true story" on every war movie, nobody will ever watch it. Or maybe it is me who cares about that and brings it up all the time, but still, I get it , war really happened , I believe you. And in the end it is not why I watch films about World War Two. It's because of the Nazis.
 Yup, you can't have WW2 without Nazis. I remember the good old times (that never happened) when Nazis were neither good nor bad. They were part of the war. I love that movie (witch was never made) about , how having to kill Jews is not the best part time job to be found. Sure, Jews really got it much worse, but not all Nazis were this bad, because all I see from every movie, is that Nazis ware all horrible blood thirsty sadists who love to kill the weak. Hm... Ok , so partially that is true, but my point is stereotypes suck goat balls.
Now , back to the List. There is one thing that I could name as sort of wrong. The color play, the red dress girl (picture above). I'm not saying that this was a bad idea, what I'm saying is there should have been a bit more of it. Maybe some other important details could have been colored , like the ring in the end , or somebodies blood or something. Would give it more sense . But that is just what I think. And nobody cares what I think anyway so.....  Best part is when the movie ends and titles go on road made of grave stones, that is probably the best way to show titles I have ever seen.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Platoon (1986)

Hello there sir, what are you eating there ? Some world history ? How would you like a cup of Vietnam war ? It's high in blood and tears, but that's good for your balls.
Is it just me, or is Vietnam starting to get silly ? I don't mean the war itself, that was horrible no doubt, but all that "everybody makes at least one movie 'bout it" kinda thing . Platoon is where it hit me, if you have seen one film that is based on Vietnam, you have more or less seen them all. All that changes is who dies, and... well , who dies. What you have is a jungle, lots of fireworks and blood to your knees. Same thing every time. Blood has no effect after seeing legs flying for hundreds of times, normal people get shocked and you just sit there with no facial expression saying: "i wonder where that arm flew of, could make a great souvenir ". That being said I wonder, do directors make these movies so that children would understand what is war and how cruel it is , or to rise their apathy level, so that they would not mind seeing their parents sliced in half by some maniac. I don't want to insult anyone, and specially not the veterans, but war is not getting horrible , it's getting boring.
Wow... talking like i'd have a heart. So aside from the fact that this war is what it is, Platoon does give (sort of) a twist in the whole "look at America freeing the shit out of them" plot. Oliver Stone does make American the good guys, but not all of them. There is still room left for jerks, rapists and messed up maniacs. And I think that is great. Let's face the fact that war is not all filled with happy-go-lucky beach boys that love every innocent child. That might be the best thing in this film.
That's how you look after taking drugs
What I understood from this film is that war is cruel, but there are some men involved that make it even worse. I guess That sums things up.
This film ? It's somewhat like every other , thou it build tension really well at some points, but that is nothing magical.Sound track is good and all.There is Johnny Depp there too, so girls can go wild now.I wanted to make a Charlie Sheen joke, but i don't think i should. Just to make things clear, movies is good, not too great. If you like this war for some reason, yeah sure it's awesome .
This trailer could be better... sheesh...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

GoodFellas (1990)

You know what my blog is lacking ? Sugar , spices and mindless violence. Good thing there are these Fellas , see, they are Good at what they do. Oh God, I'm running out of ways how to introduce a movie.
So it seems that uncle Martin Scorsese used a true story, and why not, putting "based on a true story" makes it look more real, and we are all for sense of reality from time to time. While I'm at it , I will say some things that are good:
From my point, the camera movement was great , something spectacular. The way it went through people , how they went by each other is something so delicate, but also so powerful, like godzilla-butterfly . I wanted to call it "tunneling" and it got me good at few points.
The cast. It is mind-blowing. Robert De Niro , Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and even Samuel L. Jackson made his print here. What else can you ask for? Why would you ask for something else ? Are you unhappy ? Why does everything make you unhappy ?
Everything else that fallows , good or bad, is about the story. Can't complain , it's not bad, it has narration that makes it more clear and easier to understand, but it could be better. Yeah , sure it is based on true story, but nobody would know if you would change some minor details. Can't say what and where , because that would ruin the fun for those who didn't see it yet. Lets just leave it at "it could have been a better story".
You know, though all my years of movie watching I have noticed few things about gangster movies.
Crime obviously does not pay. As you can see it everywhere and all the time, crime does not pay, and personally I would love to see at least once where crime gives you happiness and you don't get raped by police or your friends at the end.
Jedi are so overpowered and .... wait... that's not it....
Main problems for gangsters to go down from top is drugs and/or women.If you ever get a chance to be a gangster , please don't do/sell drugs and don't get married or obsess with one girl.
You know what. It is still a great movie for those who did not see it. best part about it, that makes it so special and unique against other is that it shows mafia and gangsters from a simple point of view. No dirt nor gold there. They are what they are, and they like it, that is all.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Memento (2000)

So i had some free time and took a look at this mashed potato. And i use the term "mashed" for many reasons here. As of for starters you might notice that it is all made out of small steps, not like children of men, witch had many non-stop shots. Those little steps start and end whenever they want , like a woman. And that makes it hard to understand, again, just like a woman. I'm not making fun, that is just what it looks like, i hope that Christopher Nolan won't get mad at me for this. That is not all. Imagine your woman to get mad at you for no reason and then talking backwards. That what's going on in Memento as well. Those short pieces don't go backwards , but the time line itself goes from the last thing that happened to the first. And now that i lost you, time for some more nice things about this creature of brain-damaging twister.
As this is a thriller, and no lies there for sure, you might think that you know more than Leonard (main character) knows. And that is not too hard , as Leonard has brain damage (really) and is stupid as a goldfish hit by a truck (not really). But later on you get that feeling , that you know you are just getting kicked in the balls and made fun of, and that you know nothing you brain dead mothe---. And a good point is that you can't predict what is going to happen, because the twists are so cleverly put in place, that it's a good thing you manage to put everything in their belonging places when everything is over. Witch is something you should not expect at all. That is a good thing in my book, but i do not have  a book so meh...
Blowing. I think about blowing when i think about Memento now, because my mind has been blown , at least a bit. And that is enough blowing for one simple thriller. Can't really explain why, but i leaves a really good feeling of getting mind blown and figuring out everything in the end. It also has one more thing that i really like, but might not be so interesting for you. There were parts of dialog that referred to the way the movie was directed. It gave reasons why this backward this was made and all other things i can't explain. It really is a great movie, if you have not seen it, i do suggest seeing it, and if you did see it, did you like it ?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Twelve Monkeys (1995)

For the first of the reviews I went for Twelve Monkeys, because it has crazy people in it, and I'm sort of nuts myself, also it has a parts with post-apocalypse, that I enjoy in a story.
First things first. Look at the picture to the left and smile , while you see more or less steam-punk atmosphere. For those who have not seen it, I will have to let you down here by telling you the horrible truth : this great sight is only when talking about the future, and that is not too much thou. That really made me sad , because it would have looked really cool, but it did not, most of the time it's simple 90's. That is not the only thing that made my mashed potatoes cold, there are holes in the plot that could have been filled with something ball crushingly exiting,
but were just tapped with "it sucks , but you did not expect that." Sure , it was a surprise at some points, but it did not make me go "wow, where did my nose go? "( Not making fun of you-know-who). Also there is something like a riddle down in there , but it is not as mindblowing as it was in Blade Runner. But because the movie uses time traveling, they took a nice opportunity to go a full circle , but if you are not as dumb as my friend brick is, you would know that this is going to happen. 
I don't know if i get the moral correct here. Is it that " if you try to fix stuff , don't travel back in time, because that will bring more trouble and in the end a near destruction of humans" or " No matter how hard you try to change things, you will only get shot several times and in the end change nothing , for history can not be changed, or you are mental in the first place" ? Don't get me wrong, I did liked it , but it did not blow parts of my body (brain you pervert) like i thought it would. In the end I will have to leave with a statement that is was a good try, but Blade Runner messed my mind more that you.