Sunday, 24 April 2011

Apocalypto (2006)

Happy Easter everyone ! So to celebrate such a day I decided to review a movie for the whole family. And is there anything better than Indians (probably Mayan ) killing other Indians ? Mel Gibson made this one, congratulations to him, looks beautiful , and what is the greatest fact about this film, is that every single Indian is an actual Indian. Nothing but the truth .And that really helps build up that documentary feel, and it looks realistic as hell, even thou some indians can't act.Can say nothing bad for the script, intriguing and pulling you in all the way. But yes, sometimes, when instead of something like "How are you" they have to say " what is your body feeling like, at now, my friend of brave ", I tend to say "bull sheep (not shit, shit is a bad word) ". Yes, that makes them look more Indian , but sometimes that's just irritating. As for the dialogues, and strong monologues, Apocalypto has it nailed. They are as smart and as deep as they are funny. Witch is a hard-to-get combo for everyone. One thing that really keeps you going throughout the movie is the tension. As if they could not take a crap without you thinking "will he actually take that crap ?" . And that is great , superb, fantastic and chaining you right into this slaughter. Also, there is a girl, and I think She is the key stone here. She is so creepy , so scary, so devil-made child, that she makes he short scene the main. That would be all, happy holiday , and if you're thinking of watching this, enjoy the blue mans group, running but-naked.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dances with Wolves (1990)

Today was a great day for me. For some unknown reason everything went so good. Felt like the sky was smiling on me, and my insides were turned into ice-cream (no idea for this metaphor), so just to make it a greatest day, like the day God created earth, just less important, i had to see a movie that would be also awesome. As we all know very well, Kevin Costner makes movies that have a huge emotional cannon. Seriously , this guy really know how to get to your heart, and additionally wraps everything to look like a beautiful picture book. I mean really, Kevin, if you're reading this, then let me just say that you really know how to make esthetically good looking movies. Also to make a theme about indians makes things more spiritual all that. This is a long movie, and that helps with getting along with the main character as he also narrates, and in the long run, you start to feel like he does. What is strange is that this movie actually shows how wrong were the newcomers, for killing the indians, and not making a good old "i love you america, marry me" kinda patriotism. Any who.... Great thing for a great day. If you haven't seen it, i would like to recommend to make some time and enjoy.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966)

Do I need to say more ? Yes, actually I do, because that's my job. Even thou i think everyone has seen this, or at least will once in their lives, I have some something to talk to anyway. Lets start by the point that this is an old western, so don't be surprised by over dramatic dialogs or deaths, that's just the way they rolled back then. And to say the truth, you get used to it in no time anyway. So i was sitting through them three hours and the key I noticed was probably the characters. Lets just go over that in few notes: There are three main characters, "Good", "Bad" and "Ugly" as their names state so they do. The whole beauty here lies in the fact that they are not  caged by that, the "bad" guy sometimes looks good, "good" guy does bad and all that jazz. So after seeing the movie and looking at the title you feel like your mind has been (emotionally) blown. Clint Eastwood has a great since of humor with everything he does, and that makes things ironic sometimes, and who does not love irony ? There is a problem with new movies, when the good guy is over powered , know everything, and does illogic physically  impossible things, where Blondie (Clint) is just lucky all the time. Sure, they all shoot short range revolvers with great accuracy in great distances, or even shoot ropes with great ease, but hey, as I stated before , this IS a western. Just to end this in a great line: I saw ZZ-tops on horses.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

So I took the liberty to take a (insert time ) vacation, and I was thinking of coming back with something great. Just to make sure of the greatness I chose something that has Tom Hanks in it. Because lets admit it, put him in a desired movie= inevitable success. This "inevitable success" is about a true story of Charlie Wilson, who got money for Afghanistan to fight soviet union. American intervention in all that soup of mashed potatoes and blah blah blah... Long story short- America helps Afghanistan fight Soviet Union and old congressman Charlie here is responsible for money. Hanks is at his best as always so I'm not even going to comment that. The movie gives an eye catching point, like many true stories, when there are true clips edited in the whole story, and this time it's kick ass helicopter explosions. This is a simple movie for an evening, because you don't have to think to much, there is no non-stop action involved, for the sake of parking tickets, it's a movie about politicians, thank something that it is interesting at all. So just take a look at this one , and act smart near your girl.
As a side note, this looks like a shitty review, long time no posting, right ?