Friday, 1 July 2011

Donnie Darko (2001)

Lets just say I love watching movies with my dad, because he know's some good ones. I like brain fuckers twisters myself , so it looked like a great idea to watch a movie that is about a man that is crazy, but may not be crazy, but sort off is crazy , but sees a bunny , that tells him to do things , like all the other kids I know.
Donnie is , lets just put it , special little boy. Because calling him a butt-crazy-arsonist-killer-whanker would be more or less rude. Jake Gyllenhaal made this nut-job look really realistic and believable, unlike some other actors in the movie, who were just plain "no" to me. On the course of the movie there were nice lines said , some that could be philosophical or just smart-ass to say near your friends so that you would look deep. Even that one that you're seeing on the poster on the left "why are you wearing that stupid man suit? " that would make you think for ever and all that. If anyone says that to you just say " sorry, not everyone like my God of Thunder looks" and punch then in the face for trying to act deep. On the good side , there are some nice ironic jokes about education and educational movies, and thank Sean Connery that they are not so obvious.
  Donnie Darko (2001) does have that brain turning thing, but not only that. Also it has them moments when that is just a fun family show , some romance , some jokes, some sadness and all that. Gives it more that just brain bashing would give.
I don't think I have much more to say, more or less it is good. Has something that you might not enjoy, but mostly is some good watchin' and that is all.
The ending is still not so clear to me, yet I enjoy the fact that every little crappy line was not forgoten and in the end everything comes togerther and something something, still not so sure what happens, still don't understand if he was sane or so crazy that he traveled time, but maybe I just need a good night sleep till I figure it all out.


  1. I don't want to cross a line here, but I absolutely hated this movie. It is the most overrated movie I think I've ever seen. It's pathetic the amount of people who worship this movie as if it's the next Memento or something.

  2. Excellent movie, one of my favs

  3. The giant bunny.

  4. Great movie.