Sunday, 28 October 2012

Unthinkable (2010)

You know that feeling when you get your finger cut off ? Whops, got a little ahead of myself. Let me start over.
Unthinkable, a movie about how Muslims are terrorists. So the plot goes down to a man , who is Muslim, films himself planting three bombs and everyone goes nuts and arrests every one with a beard. The FBI (CIA or Disney or whatever) finds him and interrogates him. Why ? Because the bombs are nukes ! How can there be Muslims with no nukes ? So H Humphries (Samuel L. Jackson) is the main (and cruel) interrogator, and Chik Von Rightie (Carrie-Anne Moss) is some FBI agent that H chooses as an assistant. So yeah, the whole thing is a dude flippin' fingers to get some answers about nukes (NNNNUUUUUUUKKKKKKEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!)
The most of the movie happens in the chamber where the interrogation takes place, so one could call this a Psychological-claustrophobic-thriller. Speaking of finger cutting, question asking black people, this reminds me of Five Fingers (2006), similar brutality and Muslims and stuff. But here are my thoughts about this:
First, i have noticed that this is a common military-spec ops style character design, a cool awesome pro takes a rookie under his wing and shows how to party. The rookie learns some new tricks and takes no shit from his master. Works every time.
Speaking about H's character (pretend that we were), the psychotic torturer role has it's charm. He is funny in the start, serious in the middle and smart(and right) in the end. Just like the main role should be written. Everyone else is fine too, i ques, what ever.
There is more. Remember when I asked about fingers being cut of ? Yeah, there is a lot of that. It is nasty, and sometimes it looks like it's a bit too much,  but there is never too much cruelty and blood and torture and death and killing and pain and.... khem.
So yeah, it is shocking, but to a level where you enjoy it, not to a level where you have to look away. I mean, what do you expect from a film about TORTURE ? Bunnies making love in a boat made of ice cream ? Really ? What is wrong with you ?
My take at the main idea is that it is about how dark your safety is, how much blood can be spilled so you would not die. Because of Muslims and nukes. Why only them ? Why not the Irish ? They like color green you know.
One more thing, that got me going: I have heard that there are different endings, anyone knows something of that ? If so, tell me.
I liked Unthinkable, not the best thing ever, but it was good. Worth just for Samuel L. Jackson. If i have to give it stars, i would give many but not too much, like twelve, or seventeen or even more, a lot.


  1. I wouldn't want to be interrogated by Jackson. Once he says "Say what again" it's over.

  2. Jesus Christ, Jackson makes more movies than anyone. I can't keep pace of them. Never even heard of this one and I'm like a movie expert.

  3. Did they at least use actual Muslims to play the Muslims? 'Cause so many films use Indians to play them instead because apparently the yanks can't handle the fact that actual Arabians are not that dark. :/