Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Rum Diary (2011)

Johnny Depp. It feels like I said all that needs to be said. Just that I didn't, but let me explain.
This is a story about a novelist, who pretends to be a journalist and takes up a freelance job in Puerto Rico's local newspaper. So far so good. He is then talked into some dirty work for some rich guys. Not getting better. A girl messes everything up. Oh shit , there we go again... Wait, it is all set in 1960s ! Ok, we're good.
So from the first glace it is not something special, but, nahh it is not something special. I don't want to be too picky, but even thou The Rum Diary has Johnny Depp in it, it is not perfect (Sorry for Depp fans, or as I like to call them "Depp fans"). So first comes the dirt and then, maybe, maybe I'll trow in some ice cream. If you will be good.
Bam, first thing that steps on your balls is the plot that has been seen more often then cats on the internet. There is a guy, who is not a pro, starts with non-pro work and suddenly gets some big time stuff. He would do great, but woman. Everyone is evil but the dude (not the Dude dude, just a dude), so he befriends the weirdest guy around and stuff happens and what ever. It's all great and all, growing with the main character, learning that weirdos are cool, killing jews. All great the first time you see a story like this, maybe the first five time, but eventually it gets boring to "grow". When will there be a pro who gradually finds out that being ultra good at something does not make you right all the time ? Or that opportunities don't fall from the sky, that you have to work hard for them. But yeah, who want's to see real life ?
Also, the worn out "women=evil" thing that has to happen ALL THE TIME. Just as a friendly note, that can be found in like, every movie ever made, if you are doing something, don't fall in love, or be seduced by a woman, because everything goes wrong with them around. Seriously,  writers need to find someone else to blame, because it's either women or Hitler. Blame greed, blame pride for once. Blame sloth, that would even make sense. You have great opportunities but you mess up because you are lazy. That happens.
Yeah, i'm picking too deep, blaming a movie for just being a Hollywood movie, but I expect more these days, and especially from great Johnny Depp, who , by the way, showed nothing special. But you love him anyway, don't you ? Yeah... So here are some good stuff:
It is set in 1960s. Fun fun fun, can't add anything more, great times, great cars, go to love the 1960s.
Oh yeah, there is something that still kick this movie above average Hollywood mediocrity. It's the ending. It is not sugar sweet, where the dude gets the girl and money. It's not too sad, where Bambi's mother dies. It's just... Ok. You don't see that too often these days and in the long run, that plays a great card. but without all the set up before , that would hardly be possible.
So in the scale of worthless time to taking my hat off, I keep my hat where it is, but it is surely worth a good company and maybe a glass of rum.


  1. Yup, this is the movie that broke Johnny's marriage to Vanessa Paradis after he started banging his co-star. Seems he got the girl and money in more ways than one.